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Toni Storaro
   - Kondyo  

   The bad boy of Bulgarian pop-folk definitely is the singer with name Toni Storaro. There is no other singer of the pop-folk scene like this one. Toni Storaro is looking like a businessman and his songs are well known, not because of the rhythms, but mostly because of the lyrics and the feelings that they burn into you, when you Toni Storaro is the singer, which is part of the pop-folk scene, not only singing on it. His career started in the dawn of pop-folk in the late year 1999. Then Toni Storaro made one of the best known songs and was remembered by almost all of the people in Bulgaria. Now Toni Storaro is known as a singer of businessmen. He is making songs for money, nice girls and all of them are full with good rhythms. That is why all the people in Bulgaria love this singer. Because he is the best.

   Toni Storaro was born on 2nd August in the beautiful town Shoumen. The town is situated close to the sea capital of Bulgaria and largest city on Bulgarian coast – Varna. Shoumen is a town of many famoust people, and just some of them are Todor Kolev and Nevena Coneva.
   In his history as a singer Toni Storaro has 10 albums and all of them are filled with nice rhythmic and very beautiful songs. Some of the greatest hits of the singer are: “For One Woman”, “2,3,4”, “Forgive me”, “I love you” and so many more.

Pictures of Toni Storaro:

Toni Barovec  Toni BMW  Toni Chalga  Toni Storaro

Toni Storaro Dancing  Toni Storaro Diesel  Toni Storaro Rich  Toni Storaro Web

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